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By using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. If you have any questions relating to these terms and conditions, please email jluxe.beauty@gmail.com. changes may be made to these terms without notice to you. terms and conditions will be relevant to the official date of the retainer being received and booking created.


Payment Options:

Jesse Luxe, LLC can accept forms of payment through PayPal and credit/debit card via a requested invoice. All prices are in us dollars and will include a 4% payment processing fee. CHECKS AND CASH ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED.


Non-refundable RETAINERS:



A Retainer for any service is non-refundable and is required before creating any set booking or commission request. Until the payment is received and finalized, the date is still available for any participant.  If there are only a limited supply of a product (e.g custom commissions, limited edition products) that opening or product will still be made available until a retainer fee is received and confirmed by any applicant. The non-refundable retainer will be counted towards your total session or product fee balance.

Travel fees:

All travel fees will be covered up to 30 miles from a radius of I, the artist's statutory studio.  Anything outside of the 30 mile radius will be priced at the irs RATE per mile of $0.56.  Depending on the extent of travel; lodging, accommodations and flight will be covered by the client through agreement of a quote.  


If I cancel:


The non-refundable retainer, along with any paid balance is only refundable if I, the artist cancels for any reason or cannot complete the requested commission.  After artist cancellation of a session is confirmed, a replacement artist will be recommended upon request or a complete refund including the retainer will be offered to the client.  

If you cancel or reschedule:

cancellation of a session:

you, the client are allowed one additional reschedule. If the client cancels or reschedules the session more than one additional time, the retainer fee will not be refunded. A new retainer will be required before placing a newly booked session. no-shows and arriving to the session 30 or more minutes late will be considered a cancellation and a new retainer will be required if not rescheduled.

cancellation of a commission OR REQUESTED product:

If you, the client for any reason should cancel a commission or request after the retainer fee is completed and confirmed, it is non-refundable. After product and/or commission is completed and if final payment is refused to be paid by you, the client, the retainer will be non-refundable.  The product and /or commission will not be made available to you unless a new retainer fee and final payment is received.  if only a partial retainer fee has been received by myself, and the complete amount of the retainer fee has not been paid in full and confirmed, the retainer will be made refundable to you.  if no response is received from the client in accordance with  refunding a partial retainer, after 45 days the retainer will become non refundable and unusable to additional credit towards  new commissions or product requests.


remaining balance due date:

Remaining balance before a session:

The remaining balance of the entire session fee MUST be paid in full before the starting time of your session.  if the session fee is not paid in full before the start of the session, it will be considered a cancellation and the services will not precede until paid.

Remaining Balance before shipping:

The remaining balance of a commission or product must be paid in full before shipping out a purchase.

refusal of final payment is considered a cancellation.  The retainer fee will be made non-refundable in accordance with a cancellation. any received payment outside of the retainer will be refunded. If final payment is refused and contact is not received within 45 days of the original retainer fee's confirmed payment date, the retainer fee will be made non-refundable and the product may not be made available to you after expiration. 

Damaged goods:

Examine your package upon delivery to ensure that there are no visible signs of damAGE OR ISSUES with your package or product. In the case of your product being damaged upon delivery, please immediately contact jesse luxe, llc.  Damaged Shipments will be addressed promptly with any additional shipping cost

taken care of by Jesse luxe, llc. Claimed damages must be immediately reported upon shipment arrival. damages not reported by you, the client, within 30 days of the received shipment date will result in be subjected to shipping fees and jessE LUXE, LLC having no liability for the damages resulting from shipment.

In the case of the product received appearing defective or damaged, please contact immediately. Damages or defects will be insured by I, The artist for up to 30 days from the date the shipment is received.

Return Policy:

I, the artist do not accept refunds or returns for completed commissions, sessions or products unless under my own discretion.

IN the case of Defective, damaged Commissions or products in result of creation or shipment; I, the artist WILL BE at fauLT and allow up to 30 days to be contacted for Liable resolutions and repairs. AFTER 30 days from the received shipment date I, the artist will no longer be liable for damages or defects reported.  REpairs to damaged products will be made available to you with an additional fee after 30 days.



Price List:

the price list without notice to you, may be updated at any point in time. However if you already have a booking (Paid deposit). these prices will not affect you or any future reschedules. cancellations with no deposits do not count.



I, as the artist require information on whether the client has allergies.  a consultation will be made available to you and required to be filled out before the beginning of any service. In no event shall jesse luxe, llc have any liability for incidental, or consequential damages however characterized. jesse luxe, llc will not be responsible or liable for failure to relay important or accurate information before or during the service.