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3D 13-18mm Luxury Mink Lashes *EYEWEAR APPROVED*

Indulgence is one of our shorter length (13-18mm) but bold mink lashes from the Lavish & Bold collection.  These lashes are recommended to those seeking lashes for wear with glasses and other eyewear. These lashes deliver a punch in boldness while still being compact enough to be worn with eyewear successfully and comfortably. 


These lashes are hand-made from high quality, cruelty free, siberian mink fur in order to get the most reusability and quality out of your lash.

These lashes are a must for that extra pop or boldness in your look.



Lavish & Bold Lash: Indulgence

$6.99 Regular Price
$5.94Sale Price
Color: Black
Only 3 left in stock
  • -Layered length, 3 dimensional style for maximum volume and length while maintaining compactness

    -Highly reusable with proper cleaning and care

    -100 percent hand-made

    -Made with high quality cruetly-free siberian mink fur

    -Made with a unique and specific temperature process that is non-toxic, sterile and safer for wearibilty.

    -Made with ingredients and fibers that are high quality, non-toxic and more gentle on the eye especially for those prone to allergies and other sensitivies.

    SIZE 13-18MM 
    STYLE Compact & Bold
    MATERIAL Siberian Mink Fur
    REUSABILITY 10+ times with proper cleaning and care
    TYPE 3D Mink Strip Lash


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