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Show your Pride with these high-quality custom designed Lashes from our Brand New 2023 Pride Lash Collection. 

We at Jesse Luxe Cosmetics take the need for both representation and quality in our products very seriously.  This year we are ecstatic to present and share with you our brand new Pride Lash Collection "Can't Stop Our Pride."
Our newest collection will be introducing 5 NEW lash flag designs on top of a newly refreshed design of our original rainbow and black layered "Show Me Your Pride Lashes." 
Our brand specifically focuses on maintaining the highest-quality and reusability while also being conscious of our environmental impact. We are proud to be LGBTQIA+ owned, cruelty-free, ethically sourced and conscious of the impact we have on the environment.  As we are a small business we are working diligently every day to produce the best quality while also maintaining sustainability. We appreciate your continued support as we are always learning and continuing to approve. 

Please stay tuned for our Pre-order launch officially kicking off
5/19/2023 9AM EST

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Show me your Pride Lashes 2022

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Year after year of fighting...

with costume and low quality "rainbow" and "pride" lashes at my local convenience stores, I felt heavily inspired to change up the game.  I could never quite find those perfect lashes I wanted each year.  I wanted a lash product that had all the qualities I  desperately desired; bold with color, high quality, reusability, cruelty -free, ethical sourcing, allergen-free, created by an actual lgbtq+ business and of course a product that would complete my rainbow looks especially for Pride!   After much research, investing and perseverance I finally created a lash product that met all my desired qualities and beyond. In 2022 we created our first ever Pride Lashes by Jesse Luxe Cosmetics and the results were INCREDIBLE.  We sold out our very first pre-order and now the story continues on.

Show me your Pride Lashes 2022

Fast Forward to 2023... 

our pride lashes have always served an important purpose outside of just creating sustainable, cruelty-free pride products that break down gender roles within the cosmetics and beauty industry.  It has also been our focus at Jesse Luxe Cosmetics to fight against harmful misinformation about our community and "rainbow capitalism." We do this by not only being a LGBTQIA+ owned company creating products for our community and allies but also through education, community support and donation. LGBTQIA+ and human rights in general have always been a subject under fire, we have constantly been fighting for as long as we've known.  However 2022-2023 have seen and continue to see a scary amount of legislations that attack our community especially Trans Youth and BIPOC individuals.  This year we want to create a larger impact for our community and others.  We want to take a portion of our profits from our products to directly help fight these legislations and especially support our trans youth in need right now. From all of our profits the rest of the year we plan to donate 5 percent from every order made from launch until the end of 2023. Depending on how successful our reach is we hope to readjust and donate even more to help!  As a small business our impact may not be the largest but we hope with your continued support you will see the changes we together want to see. 

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