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Show your Pride with these high-quality luxury custom designed Pride Mink Lashes.  First of it's kind, having a layered design of both regular black mink lashes with rainbow tips for an even bolder effect.  Our brand specifically focuses on maintaining the highest-quality and reusability while also being conscious of our environmental impact. We are proud to be a cruelty-free company, ethically sourced and conscious of the impact we have on the environment.  As we are a small business we are working diligently every day to produce the best quality while also maintaining sustainability. We are always learning and continuing to approve.

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So Here's Our Story....


Year after year of fighting with costume and low quality "rainbow" and "pride" lashes at my local convenience stores, I felt heavily inspired to change up the game.  I could never quite find those perfect lashes I wanted each year.  I wanted a lash product that had all the qualities I  desperately desired; bold with color, high quality, reusability, cruelty -free, ethical sourcing, allergen-free, created by an actual lgbtq+ business and of course a product that would complete my rainbow looks especially for Pride!   After much research, investing and perseverance I finally created a lash product that met all my desired qualities and beyond. I proudly  present our first ever Pride Lashes by Jesse Luxe Cosmetics.  Join me and show your pride! Order yourself your very own Pride Lash sets to enjoy a refreshing lash experience.  

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