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Hire Jesse Luxe personally for your own hair and makeup experience. Choose from a variety of styles and genres of hair and makeup to suit your  needs! Book your session today at the button below.



Products are FINALLY here! Click here to check out the newest additions to the shop! Make sure you subscribe to our updates for the latest offers, deals and new products! Start shopping at Jesse Luxe Cosmetics by clicking the button below. 


Ready to invest in your very own personal makeup education? 

Beginner, hobbyist or seasoned artist, let us help you take your skill and knowledge to the next level! Choose from an array of options and add-ons to completely customize your educational session.  Start your educational experience by clicking the button below.


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My name is Jesse Luxe, owner of Jesse Luxe LLC and Jesse Luxe Cosmetics! My main career is as a traveling Hair and Makeup Artist but further into my career I have decided to expand into my very own products! My passions started from a very young age but through growth and hard work I was able to discover my true calling as a Professional Hair Artist and creator of my own cosmetics brand. Due to working with various photographers and clients in my career, I have been able to master multiple genres of style. I can create unique looks in Boudoir, High Fashion, Avant Garde, SFX, Body Painting, Hair Design & Sculptures, and even more simplistic & natural looks.  Creating art and building beauty from the inside out, alongside clients, models and photographers is what truly drives me!  I am willing to go above and beyond to get the job done, with my passion, love and high quality work!  These experiences have also been a huge factor in the creation of my own cosmetics brand.  Inclusivity and creativity are the driving forces behind my brand.  My dream is to create a brand that steps away from exclusivity in our industry and prioritizes inclusivity from skin tone to identity.  I also look to prioritize the "art" and "creative" aspects of makeup not only "beauty."  I look forward to this new step in my career and look forward to bringing this dream and idea to life! Thank you for reading this little introduction! To learn more about my work and I, please do not hesitate to ask questions or follow any of my social media platforms.

Thanks for stopping in and supporting my passion!

An image of Jesse Luxe in high fashion hair and makeup